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Sept. 13-15, 2014

State Education News


Ohio children in poor, rural districts on unequal footing for class offerings

Akron Beacon Journal                                                             9/13/2014

Next year, the state report card will grade schools on efforts to prepare students for

college and the workforce. That might not bode well for poor rural communities…




Local Education News


Parents allowed under law to overhaul 20 failing Columbus schools

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/13/2014

Twenty Columbus schools now are eligible to be overhauled by the “parent trigger” method

in the 2015-16 school year, after state report cards released yesterday show that the

schools haven’t improved enough.




School lunches are getting healthier, more balanced

Willoughby News Herald                                                         9/13/2014

Fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains are filling up lunch trays in local

schools to promote a healthy and balanced diet for students.




Perrysburg tests students before game

Toledo Blade                                                                       9/13/2014

Perrysburg High School students entering Steinecker Stadium for the Yellow Jackets’ game

Friday night faced random breath tests for alcohol, but none seemed to mind.




Ridgedale students’ paintings may travel a long way

Marion Star                                                                         9/15/2014

Ridgedale High School art students spent time this week painting on a very unique canvas:

a snow plow blade.




Ohio Supreme Court heads to Ravenna High School

WKYC                                                                                9/14/2014

The state Supreme Court will hear a set of cases in a northeastern Ohio high school as

justices conduct one of their biannual off-site sessions.




Tri-Rivers’ Speelman will talk RAMTEC at Senate caucus

Marion Star                                                                         9/15/2014

On Tuesday, Chuck Speelman will discuss the familiar subject and more in one of the most

prominent venues available in the nation when he testifies before the Senate Career and

Technical Education Caucus in Washington, D.C.




Ex-data czar, principal punished

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/14/2014

Two more former educators — this time from Columbus schools — who were key players in

a data-tampering scandal are set to lose their licenses to work in Ohio schools.



Educational Service Center board has spent a lot, too

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/14/2014

The five members of the board of the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio have

refused to say why they OK’d the superintendent’s Ritz Carlton hotel stays and monthly

plane tickets.



Class size at heart of Reynoldsburg teachers’ contract dispute

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/15/2014

Though several Reynoldsburg teachers have a class with more than 30 students this year,

the average class size for nearly all of the district’s schools is less than 25 students.



Reynoldsburg school board might have violated law

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/13/2014

The State Employment Relations Board has found that the Reynoldsburg school board

might have acted improperly in its contract negotiations, and the state board forwarded an

unfair-labor-practice complaint by the teachers union for review by a judge.



Foundation approves $9,800 grant to schools

Dayton Daily News                                                                9/13/2014

The Xenia Community Schools Foundation’s Board of Directors approved a $9,814.96 grant

request from Xenia Community Schools last month.



Ohio Report Card Release


How Useful Are The Ohio School Report Cards?

State Impact Ohio                                                                 9/13/2014

State report cards for school districts and individual schools are out, with yet more

changes as the Ohio Department of Education continues to tweak the annual assessment.



Perfect state report card eludes central Ohio school districts

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/13/2014

It was tougher to ace this year’s school report cards, but new data released yesterday

show that some central Ohio districts brought home grades worthy of high-fives.



15 districts here avoid D's, F's

Cincinnati Enquirer                                                                9/13/2014

Only 15 of Southwest Ohio's 49 school districts avoided D's and F's on their state report

card this year, worse than the previous year when 19 districts avoided D's and F's.



Northeast Ohio districts among state's highest-scorers on state tests, but region dominates the

Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                            9/13/2014

A few Northeast Ohio districts placed near the top of Ohio's performance ranking on today's

state report cards for the 2013-14.



Area schools among best, worst in state

Dayton Daily News                                                                9/13/2014

The Dayton area is home to some of the very highest- and lowest-performing public school

districts in the state, according to school report cards released Friday by the Ohio

Department of Education.




TPS receives ‘F’ grade but officials cite improvement

Toledo Blade                                                                       9/13/2014

Toledo Public Schools remained among Ohio’s large urban districts with an “F” grade in

achieving academic proficiency goals, according to new education report cards from the

state Friday.But the district earned an “A” grade for “Value-Added Overall,”…




State report card: Youngstown struggling, Canfield excelling

Youngstown Vindicator                                                           9/13/2014

Youngstown City Schools’ latest state report card is a parent’s nightmare with all D’s and

F’s, but Superintendent Connie Hathorn contends the letter grades don’t show the

district’s growth.



State report card shows challenges for city schools

Mansfield News Journal                                                          9/15/2014

A state analysis of the school report cards released Friday revealed poverty continues to

be a driving factor in student performance. Mansfield City Schools Superintendent Brian

Garverick agrees wholeheartedly.




School report cards: Stark districts earn high marks for improvement

Canton Repository                                                                 9/13/2014

Stark County students are catching up academically, but they’re still not performing as well

as the state says they should, the latest report cards show.



Most Summit County charter schools score an ‘F’

Akron Beacon Journal                                                             9/13/2014

Of the 251 charter schools that reported test results for this year and last, 47 percent saw

average scores drop.



Ohio school report cards likely to confuse parents, educators and taxpayers

Akron Beacon Journal                                                             9/13/2014

The state’s school district report cards are out. The interactive report card system went

live Friday morning.




School report card scores slide as state raises bar

Chillicothe Gazette                                                                9/15/2014

School districts with varying grades on the state report card were faced with the same

dilemma Friday as they pored over newly released data.




Westlake, Rocky River lead state in gifted education rankings; see rankings for all districts

Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                            9/13/2014

Five Cuyahoga County school districts are among the top 11 statewide for teaching children

identified as being gifted, new data from the Ohio Department of Education shows.



Mixed bag for Marion county schools on report cards

Marion Star                                                                         9/15/2014

Two county school districts saw a drop in their state report card grades because of tougher

standards, according to data from the Ohio Department of Education, and one district





A's and F's: Report cards a mixed bag for local schools

Newark Advocate                                                                  9/13/2014

State report cards were released Friday — the time of year when schools, rather than

students, earn A's, B's, C's, D's and F's.




Area superintendents assess Ohio School District Report Cards results

Willoughby News Herald                                                         9/13/2014

Results of the 2013-2014 Ohio School District Report Cards differed considerably in Lake

and Geauga counties.




Grades are in for local school districts

Zanesville Times-Recorder                                                       9/15/2014

Overall grades will be released by the Ohio Department of Education in 2016, but several

individual categories were released, and grades in Muskingum County schools run the





Higher Education News


Future of the executive education: Unbundled MBA

USA Today                                                                          9/14/2014

In a quarter of a century, most business students will never enter a classroom. The faculty

lectures, the MBA student discussions and the homework assignments will occur instead

over the Internet…






Built-in weakness

Columbus Dispatch                                                                9/15/2014

The fiasco of the Talented Tenth Leadership Academies offers a stark illustration of the

biggest problems with charter-school law in Ohio: The supposed watchdogs aren’t held to a

high standard, and the law allows blatant conflicts of interest.





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