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December 5, 2014

State Education News

New mentoring program could help thousands of kids
WKRC                                                                                                12/5/2014

Representatives from schools, businesses, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations met…


Governor announces infant mortality plan
Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune                                                         12/5/2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has announced a plan to reduce the state's infant-mortality rate, calling…


More than 78,000 kids yearly are abused, neglected or witness violence
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                                       12/5/2014

Each year in Ohio, child protective service agencies across the state substantiate more than 30,000 cases…


The Twitter accounts for education issues in central Ohio
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            12/5/2014

Want to know if your kid’s school bus is running late…




Nap time has been cancelled
Washington Post                                                                               12/5/2014

The letter sent shock waves through the parent body…



National Education News

California's K-12 Funding Overhaul Slowly Takes Root
Education Week                                                                                12/5/2014

Aiming to fund its schools more efficiently and effectively, California has chosen an unusual, lead-from-behind…



Local Education News

Akron students closer to farm fresh cafeteria food
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                                       12/5/2014

A $44,999 check from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm to School program will put Akron…


Geneva program aims to help kids
Ashtabula Star-Beacon                                                                      12/5/2014

Kids in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade having trouble with homework, truancy or other school problems…


Strongsville member defends hiring PR firm; first-year costs higher
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                                       12/5/2014

On Thursday night, a school board member defended the district's decision to hire a public relations firm


Nonprofit wants to put adviser in each Columbus HS
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            12/5/2014

Anthony Hall needs income-tax help, not because his taxes are complicated, but…


New educational resources at Springmill Learning Center
Mansfield News Journal                                                                    12/5/2014

New educational materials have been purchased and created for the Springmill…


Higher Education News

Millennials stand on shakier financial ground
Los Angeles Times                                                                             12/5/2014

California's millennials experience greater unemployment, earn less money and are far more likely…




Criticisms are unwarranted
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            12/5/2014

The “parent-trigger” law is in effect in Ohio, intended as a way for parents to intervene…


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