Ohio's operating standards for school districts and schools establish specific expectations and guidelines for use in creating learning conditions that meet student needs and achieve state and local educational goals and objectives.

The operating standards are in the form of 11 administrative rules. | Print Operations Guidance for Ohio Schools and Districts

Operation Guidance Summaries

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

The school district or school must implement a district-wide curriculum and instructional program that is characterized by planning, communicating and evaluating. The school district's curriculum must be developed with input from and dialog with parents, community members and other stakeholders. Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-04(B)




School Staff

The school and school district must provide a positive, supportive and safe school environment so all staff members can foster positive collaborative teams where professional learning, sharing and developing effective practices in the school is aligned to strategic plans and student success. All staff must hold valid credentials for assigned positions. Staff evaluations must meet requirements. Student-teacher ratios must be appropriate. Schools must have the services of principals and districts must have services of educational services personnel. Professional development must be supported through multiple data and aligned to the vision and strategic plans. Scheduled team and planning time must be provided for teaching staff. Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-05

Safety and Security

Safety operational support services must create an environment for effective teaching and learning. Schools and school districts must have and use processes that identify student health and safety concerns and provide access to related resources. Student and staff well-being must be a primary focus.

Governance and Strategic Planning