Carl D. Perkins V State Plan: Equity in Career Tech

A primary focus of the Ohio Perkins V Transition Plan is improving access, enrollment, engagement and performance for all students, with an intentional focus on students in special populations and subgroups. To support the educational community in ensuring students have meaningful access and are engaged in high-quality career-technical education programs, the Ohio Department of Education is piloting regional equity labs for secondary career-technical programs.

Participants in the equity labs will review and analyze data in three main categories: access, engagement and enrollment, and performance. They will identify the largest or most pressing gap to be addressed and perform a root cause analysis, while clearly articulating a commitment to advancing equity. Participants begin to create a plan to specifically address and continually make meaningful progress toward improving the performance of special populations and subgroups.

During the equity labs, participants will complete activities and exercises that will be useful in fulfilling the requirements for equity in the Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment and Local Application requirements for equity. Participants are encouraged to set ambitious and achievable goals, collaborate on best practices and share resources. It is not feasible or realistic to expect to correct all inequities at once, but it is an expectation that the educational community identify the opportunities for growth, create a plan and commit to improving Ohio’s equity in education.

Equity Ambassador Program

To support the educational community in ensuring all students have equitable access and meaningful engagement in high-quality career-technical education programs, the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Career-Technical Education is introducing the Equity Ambassador Program. Participants in the Equity Ambassador Program will collaborate with the state of Ohio in its commitment toward improving equity in career-technical education for special populations and subgroups. Equity Ambassadors will be provided access to professional development and invited to participate in equity activities facilitated by the Department. Equity Ambassadors will act as local equity experts for their Career-Technical Planning District.

Registration will begin on Friday, May 29, 2020.

Equity Ambassador Program FAQ


Equity for Each: Advanced Approaches for Improving Equity in Career-Technical Education Programs Grant Application

The grant application window is open from April 1 - June 30, 2020 in the (CCIP) Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan​.



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