Lt. Governor Husted announces AI education toolkit for K-12 educators


Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Director of InnovateOhio, in partnership with The AI Education Project (aiEDU), announced the launch of an AI toolkit for Ohio’s K-12 school districts. This resource will empower policymakers, superintendents, principals, IT staff, teachers, and parents to advance AI literacy in their school districts. It will also provide resources that help promote student privacy, data security, ethics, and other factors.

The AI toolkit is a practical guide for developing policies and recommendations in response to the proliferation of AI tools. The goal of the toolkit is to help prepare all Ohio students for jobs in an increasingly AI-driven world.  

In 2023, Lt. Governor Husted and InnovateOhio led three AI forums throughout Ohio to identify opportunities to use AI for good. Through those forums, a clear need was expressed for trustworthy guidance for policymakers, teachers, and parents in Ohio’s K-12 education system. While AI has existed for decades, the introduction of easily accessible generative AI in late 2022 brought tools into students’ lives for the first time.

This AI toolkit is designed as a roadmap so education leaders can quickly identify the resources that fit their needs, no matter where they are at on their AI journeys. From AI introductions for teachers and parents to template guidelines for policymakers and superintendents, this toolkit will help local schools develop the plans and policies best for them.

Educators, parents, students, policymakers, and more can find the toolkit at InnovateOhio.gov/AIToolkit.