Ohio’s State System of Support is in place to assist schools and districts to increase student outcomes and achievement. This includes Educational Service Centers (ESC), State Support Teams (SST), Instruction Technology Centers (ITC), and direct supports from the Department. This system utilizes the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) as a framework to establish systemic collaborative structures designed to support development and implementation of focused goals and a strategic plan looking at both student academic and non-academic needs. The continuous improvement cycle becomes the process for district and school core work and is used to implement, monitor and evaluate their goals and strategic plan.

Ohio Improvement Process

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is a systems framework of collaborative team protocols to analyze data, research aligned improvement strategies, implement and monitor strategies, provide feedback to teams and determine effectiveness based on performance and implementation data.

Rewards and Recognition

Ohio recognizes schools for maintaining high academic achievement among their students, including many from economically disadvantaged circumstances that can make learning difficult.

Family and Community Engagement

Ohio is committed to fostering greater family and community engagement. Collectively, we all strive to build relationships between schools, families, communities and students to support the whole child, from birth to career. The following pages provide policies, guidance, resources and best practices to cultivate relationships between schools, districts, families and communities to support the whole child.


Vulnerable Youth

Vulnerable Children and Youth are students who often encounter challenges in receiving a quality and equitable education. Vulnerable youth may face many barriers, including traumatization, high mobility, and undiagnosed behavioral and health conditions. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes educational stability for vulnerable youth. By requiring states to report data on students with disabilities, English learners, homeless students, students with parents in the military and students in foster care, ESSA acknowledges the unique circumstances of vulnerable youth.

Office of Federal Programs

Potential funding resources to support building- and district-level continuous improvement strategies

Resources and Tools

Resources and tools related to: data analysis, systemic review, funding opportunities, human capitol, program supports or direct supports from the state support teams. 

Identification and Requirements

Ohio provides a system for supporting schools and districts according to their needs for improvement. This “differentiated accountability” system contains a range of support levels based on district report card results and the presence in a district of Priority, Focus or Watch schools. These support levels feature specific interventions, supports and monitoring.