Integrated Coursework and Awarding Simultaneous Credit

Integrated Coursework and Awarding Simultaneous Credit

State law allows districts, schools, community schools and chartered nonpublic schools to integrate content standards from multiple subject areas into a single course for which students can earn simultaneous credit. The Integrated Coursework and Awarding Simultaneous Credit Guidance for Schools outlines processes and considerations to support schools in developing integrated courses. It also provides guidance for awarding appropriate credit for high school students to satisfy Ohio’s graduation requirements.

Why it’s good for your students?

Students learning on computers and tablets with a teacher

Meet multiple learning expectations through a single course

Experience real-world applications for authentic learning

Why it’s good for your district?

Students Graduation

More dynamic learning environments

Students can meet graduation requirements faster


Getting started:

  1. Set up a planning team;
  2. Identify subject areas for integration;
  3. Design the integrated experience and determine credit awards;
  4. Enhance educator expertise.

See what one school is doing to integrate government and agriculture classes through project-based learning.

Coming soon - Ohio Department of Education standards alignments to help districts and schools begin integrating courses.

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