Back to School Guidance for Preschool and School-Age Child Care

As the 2022 – 2023 school year begins,  it is important that all  preschool and school age child care administrators and teachers know the current regulations in effect for the school year and the recommendations for continuing COVID-19 mitigation strategies.
Licensing specialists will be enforcing all pre-pandemic rules, which include 3301-37 for Preschools and 3301-32 for School Age Child Care.

Children and staff with a positive test or signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19 shall be excluded until criteria to discontinue isolation has been met. For the latest criteria, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website on Schools, Child Care, and Colleges section, Schools and Child Care Guidance.


COVID-19 Practices as we start Back to School

  • Handwashing: Programs should continue to follow COVID-19 CDC handwashing guidance for both employees and children.
  • Symptom assessment, quarantine, isolation, discharge: Programs should follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 symptom assessment, quarantine and isolation for both employees and children.
  • Control: Isolate children who begin to show symptoms. Recommended prevention measures include adequate ventilation, modifying spaces to allow better distancing, handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disinfection.  Additional measures (e.g., masking, physical distance) may be recommended under certain situations.
  • Reporting:  Report to the local health department as described in the Ohio Department of Health’s Infectious Disease Control Manual.
    • Any illness that requires removal of a child from the program must also be reported to the Ohio Department of Education (Office of Early Learning and School Readiness). OCLQS job aid for reporting cases.
  • Masks: While masks are no longer required, providers should adhere to CDC recommendations.
For questions about this guidance or any requirement for operating a Preschool or School Age Child Care program, licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, please email the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness.

Last Modified: 9/13/2023 3:50:44 PM