21st Century Timeline

21st Century Timeline

21st CCLC Training Dates

These trainings are provided by Ohio Department of Education staff/contractors.

Event Region Date Time Participation Location Point of Contact
New GPRA Information Session All 7/1/2021 2:30pm Optional Meeting Artifacts Tabitha Palmer
New Applicant CCIP Navigation Training Choose 1 date only 4/8/2022 1:00-3:00pm Optional: targets bidders conference attendees/those interested in applying for a 21st CCLC grant Video Nina Pace
4/15/2022 1:00-3:00pm
Virtual Information Session on new submission procedures for End of Year Reports Recorded for those who cannot attend 9/22/2022 3:00pm Program Managers or Evaluators (staff who submit end of year reports for the grant) Via Zoom Click here to register for the information session
21st CCLC Orientation and Evaluation and Data Collection Training All 10/5/2022-10/6/2022 TBD All 1st Year Program Managers must attend 10/5; All Program Managers and Evaluators must attend 10/6. Register here ASAP Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio ODEevents@esacertified.com
Monitoring Application Training Choose 1 date only 10/24/2022 9:00am-12:00pm Mandatory for all Program Managers. Register here by 10/22/22 at noon Via MS Teams Charmaine Davis-Bey
10/28/2022 9:00am-12:00pm
Continuation Plan Training Choose 1 date only 4/14/2023 10:00am-12:00pm Mandatory for all Program Managers. Register here by 4/19/23 Via MS Teams Charlotte Jones-Ward
4/21/2023 10:00am-12:00pm

2023 Fiscal Dates

Please ensure your OH|ID and roles are set up to obtain CCIP access from your OEDS-R Administrator. Information about this process can be found here.

Event Date Details Location Point of Contact
FY23 Grant Period 7/1/2022-6/30/2023 Reflects FY2023 N/A Nina Pace
Project Cash Requests   Submit PCRs via CCIP CCIP Nina Pace
5th Year Closeout October 2023 (TBA) Additional information to be shared during the 2022 21st CCLC Orientation and Evaluation Conference TBD Nina Pace
Final Expenditure Reports Due annually 9/30 FY23 FERs due in the CCIP
9/30/2023; FY22 FERs due 9/30/2022
CCIP Nina Pace
Budget Revisions No later than 6/30/2023 Revisions must be approved prior to last day of programming. Must be in “authorized rep approved” CCIP status by 6/30/2023 CCIP Nina Pace

Other Important 21st CCLC Dates

Event Date Details Location Point of Contact
Logic Models Due TBD TBD TBD TBD
21st CCLC Bidders Conference 03/15/2022 10:00am-12:30pm Via MS Teams Shannon Teague
03/30/2022 1:00-3:30pm
FY23 Grant Application Period 4/4/2022-5/27/2022 Grants awarded for FY23 competition to be announced mid-August. N/A N/A
FY22 Program End Date 4/15/2022 FY22 Programming must be provided through 4/15/2022. N/A N/A
21APR Summer and School Year Data Submission September/October 2022 (dates TBD) This will be the first reporting period in which the new attendance and outcomes will be in effect (see New GPRA Information Session) ODE Monitoring Application Tabitha Palmer
FY23 Program Start Date 10/17/2022 FY23 Programming is expected to begin by 10/17/2022 – with licenses/exemptions in place. N/A N/A
End of Year Reports Due (for FY22) 12/16/2022 Reports will be submitted directly to the University of Cincinnati Evaluation Services Center. A virtual information session will be held Thursday, September 22, at 3:00 P.M. EST to share new submission procedures. Click here to register for the information session
First Year Implementation Deadline: 12/16/2022 Fiscal and Programmatic documentation mandatory for all new FY23 grantees (see system for list of requirements) ODE Monitoring Application Charlotte Jones-Ward (program)

Nina Pace (fiscal)
Compliance and Performance Assessment (CAPA) Deadline: 12/16/2022 Fiscal and programmatic documents to be uploaded by 12/16/2022 ODE Monitoring Application Charmaine Davis-Bey (program NE & SW regions)

Charlotte Jones-Ward (program NW & SE regions)

Stacey Brinkley (program Central region)

Nina Pace (fiscal)
FY23 Program End Date 4/14/2023 FY23 Programming must be provided through 4/14/2023. N/A N/A

Statewide and National Conferences

Event Date Participation Location Point of Contact
Beyond School Hours 2/09/2023-2/12/2023 Optional Orlando, FL Register here
OAN Best Foot Forward TBA Optional Dublin, OH Register here
National Afterschool Association Convention 3/19/2023- 3/22/2023 Optional Orlando, FL Register here
Boost Conference 4/25/2023-4/28/2023 Optional Palm Springs, CA Register here

This page will be updated throughout the year (as needed) and any updates will be sent via email at that time.

If you have any questions regarding the timeline, please contact us.


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