Academic Distress Commission


Legislation (H.B 33 Section  265.540) states:

(A) The Director of Education and Workforce shall not establish any new academic distress commissions for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school years.
(B) This section does not affect an academic distress commission established prior to the effective date of this section.

Districts are subject to an academic distress commission after receiving an overall grade of F or an overall rating of less than two stars on the Ohio School Report Cards for three consecutive years. 

Academic Improvement Plans (Updated Sept. 6, 2022) 

In 2021, changes in state law required districts that were at that time under the oversight of an academic distress commission to submit an academic improvement plan to the state superintendent of public instruction. The plan will be in place for a period of three school years and will include annual and overall academic improvement benchmarks for the district and strategies for achieving those benchmarks. 

On Dec. 3, 2021, the interim state superintendent approved the revised proposals from all three districts. The approval letters and approved plans are posted below. 

Updated Sept. 6, 2022: Two districts have submitted modified plans for approval. Those plans are being reviewed and are posted below.

Updated Mar. 9, 2023: The interim state superintendent approved Youngstown City Schools’ modified plan. The approval letter and approved modified plan are posted below.

Approval Letters, Approved Plans and modification proposals

East Cleveland City Schools (ECCS)
ECCS State Superintendent Approval Letter | ECCS Final Approved Plan

Lorain City School District (LCSD)
LCSD State Superintendent Approval Letter | LCSD Final Approved Plan | LCSD Modified Plan Submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Approval   

Youngstown City Schools (YCS)
YCS State Superintendent Approval Letter | YCS Final Approved Plan | YCS State Superintendent Modified Plan Approval LetterYCS Modified Plan Submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for Approval 


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