Family Guides for Early Learning Content Standards

Family Guides to Early Learning Content Standards at the preschool and kindergarten levels are presented here to help parents understand what their children will be learning in school. By reading these guides, parents also can help reinforce what their children are learning so that they will feel more confident and successful in school.

Preschool Guides

Preschool Learning Guide for Families: Preparing for Kindergarten Success is designed for families of children ages 3 to the start of kindergarten. This brochure provides information as to the meaning of a standards-based education and ways in which families can help their children in reading, mathematics, social studies and science as a preparation for kindergarten. The guide also includes suggestions for learning that can be done through routine family activities.

Kindergarten Family Guide

A Standards Guide for Families: Kindergarten is designed to help family members of kindergarten children understand Ohio’s new academic content standards. The information in these guides gives families a sample of some of the things kindergarten children need to know and be able to do in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. The guide also gives helpful tips and activities families can to do with their children to help them achieve the new standards.

These Family Guides correlate to the 2006 Early Learning Content Standards currently used in Ohio’s preschools and early learning programs. These do not correlate to the new Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards that were adopted in 2010/11. These new Standards will be fully implemented in 2013 and will then be accompanied by revised Family Guides.

Last Modified: 10/10/2023 3:47:47 PM