Requesting Exceptions to Online Testing

Ohio’s State Tests are online exams for all students, with some exceptions. The expectation is that all districts and schools will schedule time and provide technology appropriately for their local situation.

The following are situations where districts and schools may be eligible for paper testing:

  1. A district or school with students who will require paper test forms as an accommodation documented in an IEP or 504 Plan, or due to a student’s religious beliefs;

  2. A district or school that lacks the required technology infrastructure to test all students online, including schools that:

    1. Are new to state testing and verify a lack of technology to test all students online; or

    2. Experience a change in the district’s or school’s technology system that impacts capacity to test all students online.

Districts or schools with the above situations involving the limitation of technology should contact the Ohio Department of Education at to start the process of determining your eligibility for an exception to online testing.

Last Modified: 3/25/2020 12:53:28 PM