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In-Demand Jobs Week is the statewide celebration of the jobs, industries, and skills that are in-demand* in Ohio. Community leaders statewide are encouraged to partner in planning engaging virtual events and activities that will inspire excitement and awareness among students and job seekers. This year we will be highlighting all of Ohio's top jobs - both in-demand and critical. Join us in celebrating opportunities in Ohio May 2 - 6, 2022!

Find events and activities in your area by visiting the In-Demand Jobs Week Event Map.  Contact to add your events to the map.

2022 In-Demand Jobs Week Celebration for Students, Educators and Businesses!

  • This year, the Department will highlight careers in the automotive and technology industries through two student led virtual tours of Reineke Family Dealerships and American Electric Power. 
    • Thursday, May 5th at 10:30 - 11:30a.m.
      • Hear from professionals in the automotive and technology industries. Join us to explore these growing in-demand careers and the employer driven initiatives to train and hire high school students with the skill sets needed. 
      • Join on Microsoft Teams

What are In-Demand Jobs?

In-demand jobs are those that pay a sustainable wage and offer a promising future based on the projected number of openings and growth. Ohio has in-demand jobs in more than 200 occupations across a wide range of industries. The state developed its In-Demand Jobs List using labor market information, job postings on the state's website, JobsOhio regional forecasts and employer forecasts.

For more information, view this booklet and watch this video!

What Is In-Demand Jobs Week?  

In-Demand Jobs Week is an Ohio celebration of jobs, industries and skills that are in demand in our state. Ohio urges all its communities to partner with their local industries and community organizations to plan events and activities that will inspire excitement among students and job seekers. In-Demand Jobs Week is celebrated annually the first week of May.  


In-Demand Jobs Week gives students and job seekers a great chance to learn more about rewarding local careers — careers for which employers are right now recruiting.   


In-Demand Jobs Week is your chance to inspire your students about their futures by using the classroom and employer-based activities to focus on well-paying, in-demand careers and pathways. 

How do I get started?  

Start talking with students about their personal interests in the classroom, and guide them through activities that can help them pinpoint what they love doing. Having students explore their own strengths and talents can help blend career awareness, career exploration and career preparation activities in each child's life. These activities can help students find out what they are good at and define the values that will guide their careers. That's effective career advising! 

Here are the steps: 

utilizing this toolkit aligns to educator standards:

Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession Standard 2Teachers know and understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility. Teachers connect content to relevant life and experiences and career opportunities.

Ohio School Counselor Standard 2:  Direct Services for Academic, Career and Social/Emotional Development.  School counselors develop a curriculum, offer individual student planning and deliver responsive services in order to assist students in developing and applying knowledge, skills and mindsets for academic, career and social/emotional development.

For more information contact Stay tuned to the Department's communications channels for future opportunities. 


View Previous In-Demand Jobs Week Celebrations!

2021 Celebrating Essential Careers

In this time of crisis, our society is reliant on essential professionals who are working hard to keep our citizens safe and secure. To celebrate their contribution to society and give students and educators an opportunity to learn more about their professions, the Ohio Department of Education is asking educators to provide opportunities to students to  virtually explore essential careers during In-Demand Jobs week and beyond.  We are all in this together!  

  • Essential Careers Lesson Plan for Educators
    • This lesson plan includes activities designed to help students and educators explore in-demand essential careers. They are aligned to social emotional learning and educator standards and include exploring the career pathways, and sending appreciation to those on the front lines.  
  • Live Panel Discussion with Essential Personnel 
    • View this Virtual Career Exploration Panel with your students during In-Demands Jobs week! Industry professionals from the medical, social work, construction and fire fighter/EMT fields joined this panel to discuss their individual career paths and their work experience during the pandemic. 

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