Work-Based Learning for Schools and Educators

Work-based learning is a coordinated sequence of experiences designed to provide students with real-world learning through partnerships with local business and industry. These learning activities help a young person explore careers and choose an appropriate career path. 


For you the school:
  • Strengthens partnerships between school and community
  • Provides reinforcement of instruction for better comprehension
  • Provides an alternative to building additional classrooms and laboratories to accommodate growth
For students you engage:
  • Reduces drop-out rates
  • Makes school relevant
  • Develops problem solving and life skills


Overall, Work-Based Learning experiences are guided by the terms in which you, the business, and the student agree upon. A training or learning plan including assumptions and agreements is essential to the success of a program such as this. 

For more information on general guidelines of specific types of WBL experiences:

How do we start?

The first step is to engage with a business in your community to discuss the opportunities for partnership. Contact our office at 614-728-3690 or visit Ohio Means Jobs to search for business contact information - or contact your local Chamber of Commerce, or Career-Technical Planning District. Utilize the resources below to begin your school's Work-Based Learning program!

Adecco offers a range of services to assist with Work-Based Learning!

Find Partners - 

  • Visit the SuccessBound Ohio website for a map of district business advisory councils, local Chambers of Commerce, Career-Technical Planning District partners and more!

Sample Resources - 

Use the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal - 

  • The Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal is an important Employability or Professional Skill development tool. Find much more information about the seal and the 15 professional skills outlined on the SuccessBound Ohio website. 

What else?




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