Certification and Licensure Search

This resource was created to assist districts in validating data that appear on the Teacher Licensure Course (TLC) Status Report generated by EMIS. For a list of the current subject codes, please see EMIS Manual Section 4.7. [9/29/23: This search has been updated for FY24.]

Search for Regular Teaching Certificates and Licenses

This search is for situations where a course master has been submitted and the student population is PR or RG (i.e., regular education courses). Every permissible combination is not found in this search. For instance, situations in which a teacher is required to have multiple teaching fields or multiple credentials do not appear.

Note that the general rule for elementary credentials (i.e., Kindergarten-Primary (KP), Kindergarten-Elementary (KE), Elementary (EL), Early Childhood (EC)) allows the teachers who hold these credentials to teach any course within the relevant grade range. These situations are not reflected within this search tool. An exception to this rule is for those initially hired on or after July 1, 2013, to teach physical education. These teachers must be licensed in PE and are included in this search tool.

For questions regarding Invalid_Cert reports, please contact EMIS via the helpdesk. For questions regarding teacher assignments, please contact the Office of Educator Licensure.


Search for Special Education Teaching Certificates and Licenses

This section is for courses reported with student populations of DP, D8, GA, GE, SE, and SP (i.e., special education courses).

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