An Overview of The EMIS Learning Library

Welcome to the EMIS Learning Library. Gathered here in the Library are the most helpful and the most commonly used resources available to assist districts with reporting and reviewing their EMIS data. Also included in the Library are  EMIS Training Videos, a resource intended to break down EMIS into more easy to understand pieces.

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Live Learning Opportunities

The Department's EMIS team provides training throughout the year. Often, team members are presenters at EMIS-related conferences. The links below will take you to related pages that will provide information, schedules, links, and more.


EMIS Training Videos

The EMIS Training Videos are created to assist with understanding EMIS, EMIS data, and EMIS reporting. Though the primary intended audience is EMIS coordinators, these videos will also be helpful to district staff at all levels. 



Though the EMIS Manual may be the most important single reference we provide, there are also a number of other helpful documents posted on our website.



There is a wide variety of resources on the EMIS website to help in understanding EMIS, reporting EMIS data, and staying current with EMIS developments and reporting.

Additional EMIS Related Links


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