Ohio Department of Education is pleased to announce the release of the initial ED STEPS product starting February 1st, 2022.  This release, branded One Plan initial release, replaces the CCIP Planning Tool, incorporates many end-user requests for enhanced functionality, and builds the foundation for future capabilities.  This initial release is a starting point for ED STEPS One Plan and the team has many planned improvements to be made in the coming months based on collaborative feedback from our uses.  That said, the development team has worked diligently to begin involving our users in some of the high-value functionality with the deploy of the initial offering.

For a quick look at ED STEPS, see our ED STEPS Brochure 


One Needs Assessment Homepage

One Plan Homepage


Key functionality included in the February 1st release:
  • Creation of a dashboard view - provides users a landing page and navigation to access features and future enhancements currently in development. 
  • Ability to create a plan with end-to-end functionality.
  • Auto save feature to ensure users don’t lose progress if they navigate away or are interrupted during plan development.
  • System messaging and alerts by role within the planning workflow.
  • Audit trails to capture all changes to plans and ensure compliance.
  • Enhance templated for building SMART Goals, and Student and Adult measures.
  • Embedded evidence-based strategies from Ohio’s Clearinghouse and a collaboratively built action step database.
Future functionality in development:
  • Ability to create user defined reporting or access existing reports.
  • Ability to print plans / assessment tools.
  • Enhanced Role Management capabilities.
  • Ability to view the master calendar and important submission dates.
  • Workflow enhancements (approver notification, district and agency review, plan revisions).
  • Enhanced dashboard functionality (master calendar view, import contacts, help functionality).
  • Link messaging to workflow (submit, approve, revise).
  • And more based on the feedback we receive working with you, our users!
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More details can be found on the ED STEPS Training Page


To learn more about the ED STEPS project, see:

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