Ohio Literacy Academy on Demand

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Literacy Academy On Demand offers short, easily-accessible courses on literacy for grades K-12. Each course is centered around a brief video of an expert In literacy instruction, along with resources, reflection questions and articles. These courses should take 30-60 minutes to complete. The goal of each course is to provide teachers, coaches and administrators with quick overviews of topics, along with tangible steps that they can take in their classrooms, coaching sessions or team meetings to improve literacy instruction. 


 Questions should be sent to LiteracyOhio@education.ohio.gov.

Areas of Focus

There are four areas of focus. Each area contains a number of courses. Click on the links below to access the courses. 

Additional Information

Course Credit

Courses offered through Literacy on Demand do not generate continuing education credits or contact hours through the Ohio Department of Education. Some schools or districts, however, may offer credit. Contact your Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) to learn more.

Course Tracking

Literacy On Demand courses are meant to be quick, helpful resources that can be used at any time. No sign-in is required, and educators can revisit them at any time. The Department does not track educator learning or course progression for Literacy On Demand courses. Each course has a downloadable course companion that can be used to take notes or answer reflection questions. This also can be used to record stopping points when courses can’t be completed in one sitting.

Course Content

The Department welcomes suggestions for future Literacy On Demand courses and feedback on current courses. Course feedback can be provided through the short survey contained on each lesson. Educators also can share resources.

Any mention of a product or resource in these courses shall not be considered an endorsement by the Department.

New Courses

Periodically these webpages will be updated to include additional courses. The Department will communicate these updates through EdConnection and its social media channels. New course ideas can be submitted to LiteracyOhio@education.ohio.gov.