Written Education Plans (WEPs) for Gifted Students

All school districts in Ohio reporting services to gifted students must have on file a copy of a Written Education Plan (WEP) for each student served. Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15 outlines the specific points that must be included on the WEP. The following documents have been designed to assist school districts in creating and implementing the WEP.

  1. ODE Model WEP. The first of the three documents below is a suggested form that was designed to provide a comprehensive view of the student. The information sheet contains definitions and examples. The third document is one district's modification of the ODE Model WEP provided here as an example.
  2. Checklist to Evaluate Local WEP
    This document describes the specific components that must be included on the WEP.
  3. Modification Sheet
    This document is intended to provide guidance to the general education teacher on differentiation strategies specifically chosen to meet the needs of an individual student. The document can be adjusted to fit the options available in the district.
  4. Written Education Plans
    This power point presentation provides guidance for developing gifted student goals in Written Education Plans.

The Research Base

A grant was awarded to the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) in 2005 for the purpose of determining the most appropriate WEP format(s) and processes for use by school districts in Ohio. The grant research team reviewed the most recent literature as well as the policies regarding such plans in all states. In addition, the results from a review of WEP forms used in Ohio school districts and a survey completed by OAGC members were included in the final report. Use the links below to access the report of the grant and the toolkit.

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