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The Ohio Department of Education is dedicated to fulfilling the vision established in Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education, that each of Ohio’s 1.7 million students is challenged to discover and learn, prepared to pursue a fulfilling post-high school path and empowered to become a resilient, lifelong learner who contributes to society. The Department, along with many partners, is committed to helping districts and schools build this resiliency in Ohio’s students, especially during the challenges that accompany the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and beyond.

Resources for Planning and Student Growth

This webpage is updated frequently with information to ensure a student-centered approach to providing high-quality teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the following:
Together, Ohio’s education community is engaged in a partnership-based approach to providing the services and support necessary to meet the needs of the whole child and ensuring students, educators and staff are healthy, safe and successful every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has served to amplify how essential it is to meet these needs, adding an increased sense of urgency to the task. The education community continues to respond by employing innovative strategies to address the social, emotional, physical and educational challenges of the pandemic that will continue to benefit students, educators and schools as they move forward.

Additional supports on this page address considerations for ensuring equity; social-emotional learning and behavioral health; and teaching and professional development, including data to assess students' learning needs and help them succeed.

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The Department, together with education partners from across the state, has developed this resource: Journey to the (Next) Summit: Taking Practical Next Steps for Ohio’s Students as a guide for parents, families and educators who are supporting Ohio’s students in their educational journeys through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


Data Insights for School Year 2020-2021


Resources from the Ohio Department of Education

Please check back often for new and updated resources.

Education Delivery Model for School Year 2020-2021

Districts have not confirmed the accuracy of these data in all cases, and districts remain the best source of up-to-date information on their respective reopening plans.

This information is subject to frequent change and does not represent an official categorization by the Department.  Here, model refers to the default education delivery model for the general school population, which is separate from district options for individual students to elect remote learning for an extended period (e.g., online academies).


Definitions for this data compilation are the following:

5-Day In-Person: all students have the option of in-person instruction, even if schedules are somewhat adjusted.

Full Access to Hybrid​: mix of in-person and remote education, whereby every student has access to at least some in-person classes (some students may be entirely in-person).

Partial Access to Hybrid: A mix of in-person and remote education, whereby some students have access to at least some in-person classes (usually based on grade level or school).

Fully Remote: All students receive only remote education, which may include teacher-led instruction or student-paced learning.

This is a high-level categorization of Education Delivery Models. Within these model types, there is considerable variation in district approaches.

Click here for Coronavirus (COVID-19) information regarding last school year's ordered school-building closure.
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Resources from Additional State Agencies

Ohio's Public Health Advisory System Webinar

How it Relates to Your School District or Building Ohio Department of Education/Ohio Department of Health webinar.


Ohio Department of Health Printable Guideline Posters

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  Resources from External Organizations


From Around the State

The following resources, assessments, and suggestions for professional development are based upon educators' experiences from a variety of districts around the state. These are not endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education nor are they mandated by the Department. They are recommended resources for districts that may choose to use them.
  Research shows a single process or program will not work for all children. Therefore, districts need to utilize multiple literacy and numeracy measures to reach all children. Below are resources that include approaches to teaching that have been used statewide.