Expanding Opportunities for Each Child

Expanding Opportunities for Each Child



FY25 Title I Non-Competitive Supplemental School Improvement Grant (TI NC SSI) and FY25 Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grant (EOEC NC) should be used to support school improvement efforts. Building eligibility is based on currently identified CSI and ATSI school buildings. The building identification lists can be found here.

  • TI NC SSI Estimated* Allocation Amounts:
    • $150,000 for CSI buildings
    •  $90,000 for ATSI buildings
  • EOEC NC Estimated* Allocation Amounts:
    • $63,000 for CSI buildings
    • $41,000 for ATSI buildings

*These are estimates and actual allocations are subject to change based on actual allocation amounts received from the US Department of Education

Please note: In FY25, TI NC SSI and EOEC NC grants will be removed from the Consolidated App and will be in a new application called School Improvement and Support Grants. The School Improvement Grants Team will be the primary contacts for both grants. The Office of Federal Programs will no longer serve as consultants for these two grants.


The Office of School and District Improvement administers the Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grant. 

These Federal Title I, Part A funds are awarded to local educational agencies (LEA), which are traditional school districts and community schools located within the state of Ohio. Under Section 1003 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), state education agencies (SEA) are required to set aside 7 percent of the Title I award to support schools identified for improvement, known as Priority (CSI), Warning (ATSI), or Focus (TSI) schools.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), the Department will begin referring to federally identified buildings differently than it has in the past. Over the next year or so, the Department will begin transitioning to new identification label names that better align to the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Priority will transition to Comprehensive Support or Improvement (CSI), Warning will transition to Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI) and Focus will transition to Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI).

During this transition period, the building identification names will be reported as the following:

  • Priority (CSI)
  • Warning (ATSI)
  • Focus (TSI)

Expanding Opportunities for Each Child Grant

The Expanding Opportunities for Each Child grant program is meant to expand access to and increase enrollment in school improvement activities for low-achieving students and students from low-income families.

The grant includes four focus areas: advanced courseworkcareer pathwayspersonalized learning and credit recovery and academic acceleration. These areas have been identified as educational services that provide a unique opportunity for districts and community schools to create and expand programming that would not otherwise be available.  

EOEC grant funding is designed to improve student outcomes, including participation, performance, and graduation by expanding access to existing programs and/or to introduce programming that is not otherwise available in the LEA’s building(s). Grantees might choose to leverage the EOEC program for supporting college and career readiness, engaging diverse learners, focusing on academic recovery and acceleration, or expanding options for student-centered learning.

Program Updates:  Fiscal Year 2024

For state fiscal year 2024 (FY24), the Expanding Opportunities for Each Child program is a non-competitive grant. All traditional public schools and community schools with at least one federally identified school will receive these funds. See above section for school designations. 

The FY24 Expanding Opportunities for Each Child grant application is within the CCIP Consolidated Funding Application. The CCIP application requires districts and community schools to answer a series of questions to ensure funds are allocated in accordance with federal regulations and eligible for reimbursement.   

For more information about the non-competitive process, grant focus areas and allowable activities for this grant for FY24, please see the Grant Funding Information (June 2023) document.  

If you have questions regarding the EOEC Grant or need more information, please submit an email to eoecgrant@education.ohio.gov 

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Please note that these materials have been archived and are for historical reference only. Please see materials above for current guidance. 

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