Other Health Impairments

Definition of Other Health Impairment (OHI)

Other health impairment means having limited strength, vitality, or alertness, including a heightened alertness to environmental stimuli, that results in limited alertness with respect to the educational environment, that—

Is due to chronic or acute health problems such as asthma, attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, a heart condition, hemophilia, lead poisoning, leukemia, nephritis, rheumatic fever, sickle cell anemia, and Tourette syndrome; and Adversely affects a child’s educational performance. [§300.8(c)(9)]

Defining Other Health Impairment - Major and Minor

For the purposes of special education reporting and funding, the Ohio Revised Code makes a distinction regarding "other health impaired-major" and "other health impaired-minor.” 

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