Gifted Education Expenditures

Each year, the department is required to report school district expenditures for gifted education. Data for the previous fiscal year are published by the following Oct. 30.

Expenditure Spreadsheet

Gifted Use of Funds

This document provides information for city, local and exempted village school districts in determining gifted funding amounts, the accurate reporting of those funds, and the allowable use of those funds for gifted education. 

Expenditure Definitions 

1210 ACADEMICALLY GIFTED:  Services for the social learning experiences for pupils identified as being gifted or talented in areas such as the following:  cognitive ability, specific academics, visual or performing arts, and creative thinking.

1211 - Gifted Identification: Services for the identification of gifted students.

2230 GIFTED SUPPORT SERVICES: Activities and services that support gifted instruction.

2231- Gifted Education Coordination Services:  Activities and service associated with the coordination of services for gifted students.

2232 – Gifted Training  Services:   Those  activities  designed  to  contribute  to   the professional  or  occupational  growth  and  competence  of  gifted  intervention specialists during their service to  the  school district or  school.  Workshops, demonstrations, school visits, courses for college credit, sabbatical leaves, and travel leaves are among those activities.


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