School Breakfast Program

Data Collection Requirements

Recently passed legislation (House Bill 166) included a data collection requirement for the School Breakfast Program. Sponsors are required to report the breakfast method used for each site participating in the program. Breakfast methods include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Traditional: Breakfasts served in the cafeteria on a traditional serving line before the school day begins.
  • Breakfast in the Classroom: Bagged or boxed breakfasts served in the cafeteria or classroom containing the required components are available for students to consume in the classroom before or during first period.
  • Second-Chance Breakfast: Students eat breakfast after the school day has started, generally after first period, in the cafeteria.
  • Satellite Breakfast/Breakfast Kiosk: Students pick up bagged breakfasts in the hallway on the way to class.
  • Grab and Go – Cafeteria: Students pick up bagged breakfasts and eat in the cafeteria.
  • Grab and Go – Classroom: Students pick up bagged breakfasts and eat in the classroom.
This information will be reported in the Claims Reimbursement and Reporting System (CRRS). All sponsors participating in the School Breakfast Program are required to submit this information. Please contact the Office of Nutrition with any questions at (614) 466-2945 or



School Breakfast Program Overview

USDA Memo SP 40-2011 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2010: Outreach to Households on the Availability of the School Breakfast Program provides guidance on the implementation of the provision requiring schools to conduct outreach on the availability of the School Breakfast Program (SBP). 

Schools participating in the SBP must inform families of the availability of breakfasts. A notification of the availability of breakfast must be relayed just prior to or at the beginning of the school year in the informational packets that are sent to each household with free and reduced price meal applications for the new school year. In addition, schools should send reminders regarding the availability of the SBP multiple times throughout the school year. Schools can provide reminders to children through their public address systems in schools or through means normally used to communicate with the households of enrolled children. Other acceptable outreach activities may include developing or disseminating printed or electronic material to families. For example, information about the SBP should be posted on the school’s website.

Below are sample school breakfast notification flyers that can be used to fulfill the written household notification requirement.  Include information specific to the site serving breakfast and send a copy home to all households. 

Reports show that students who eat breakfast improve their behavior and ability to perform in the classroom. The School Breakfast Program provides an estimated 32 million breakfasts at more than 1,400 sites in a year.  Following is useful information for starting, increasing participation and promoting your breakfast program.

Sample Meal Identification Signage

Click here for sample meal identification signage for breakfast. The signage is blank to allow schools to input items offered specific to their school. Schools can click tools on the left side of the page, click content editing, add text, click on page where they want to add specific food items, then type items and update as necessary.

Starting a Breakfast Program 

Suggestions for starting a breakfast program including considerations when starting a breakfast program.

Strategies to Increase Breakfast Participation

Marketing strategies for food service staff to use with students, teachers, parents and the community to increase breakfast participation and information on ways to increase breakfast participation through Grab 'n' Go Breakfast, Breakfast in the Classroom and Breakfast After 1st Period.

Breakfast Promotions and Classroom Activities

Ideas to promote breakfast in the cafeteria such as theme days and classroom activities like Give Me a Breakfast Bingo, are you a Lean Eating Machine and others.

Breakfast Recipes, Menus, and Nutrition Information

Ideas for creative menus with recipes, ideas to create healthful breakfasts including ways to add fiber to recipes, and the National School Breakfast meal pattern.

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