Ohio Healthy Students Profiles

Ohio Healthy Students Profiles

Future Forward Ohio is the Department’s strategic priorities to help students recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the priorities, student wellness, focuses on addressing barriers that prevent students from engaging in learning. The link between health and education is well documented. Healthy People 2030 emphasizes that a strong educational experience creates opportunities to improve an individual’s health through increased income, healthy behaviors, social and psychological benefits and healthier neighborhoods. In contrast, poor health can affect educational achievement by causing poor attendance, concentration problems and learning disabilities.

Through its continued partnership with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, the Ohio Department of Education provides the Ohio Healthy Students Profiles as a data resource for needs assessments and planning. The profiles describe health care interactions, health conditions and educational indicators for Medicaid-participating students. This information can be a resource for education administrators and other community stakeholders who influence the policies and programs that support student wellness in Ohio.

There are two ways to access the data:

Interactive Dashboard

This information is best viewed on a desktop computer and may require a moment for initial loading.
The profiles pertain to public school students in grades K-12 who participated in Medicaid in Ohio for at least three months of the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  A student is counted at a particular school or district if enrolled for at least 100 hours during the 2021-2022 school year.

Health interactions refer to the number and percentage of students who had at least one such interaction during the fiscal year.

Health conditions refer to the number and percentage of students with an active diagnosis during the fiscal year.

All student-based measures have at least 30 students in the denominator. Health measures with fewer than 11 students in the numerator are fully suppressed. Education measures with fewer than 11 students in the numerator display only the rate. A rate of 0 indicates the value is less than 0.1 percent.  Staff measures are produced at the district, county and state levels.  For further definitions, please see the FAQ.


If you have questions about Ohio Healthy Students Profiles, please send an e-mail to WholeChild@education.ohio.gov.


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