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In a process guided by our state’s educators, the Ohio Department of Education has updated Ohio’s Learning Standards for English language arts and mathematics. This school year, we also are updating Ohio’s science, social studies and financial literacy standards. Our purpose is to better prepare our students for the rising expectations of colleges and employers. As we do the work, we are drawing on teachers' and parents’ experiences with the standards.

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2016-2017 Timeline for Standards Revision

English Language Arts and Mathematics

State Board of Education approved revised standards
February 2017
Educator writing teams update model curricula Fall 2016 – Summer 2017
Educators learn about and begin using revised standards. Spring 2017-Spring 2018
Ohio's State Tests are based on revised standards. 2018-2019
school year

Science, Social Studies and Financial Literacy

Survey sought educator and public feedback on standards. November 2016 – January 2017
Advisory committees identify standards to revise. Working groups of educators propose changes to the standards.
January - Summer 2017
Survey #2 asks for public feedback about proposed revisions.
May – June 2017
Revised standards presented to State Board for final approval.
Winter 2018
Educators begin using updated standards.
Spring 2018- Spring 2019 
Standards reviews conducted in other subject areas
Beginning in 2018

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