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This year, educators statewide are assisting the Ohio Department of Education in updating Ohio’s Learning Standards, beginning with those in English language arts and mathematics. Through this feedback, we can ensure the standards reflect the experience that Ohio educators and parents have gained with the standards during the past five years since they were first adopted. Through this periodic standards review, our state aims to better prepare students for the changing expectations of colleges and employers.

The revision of Ohio’s Learning Standards in science, social studies and financial literacy will begin in late fall 2016.

Suggestions for the Standards Revisions

We received more than 1,000 comments from individuals and groups of people who completed a survey about the English language arts and mathematics standards. The survey was open February 23 to April 5. Thank you to everyone who took time to submit their suggestions and comments.  

Overview of Survey Results 

Advisory Committees and Working Group Progress


A total of 26 members representing 18 statewide educational organizations are serving on the English language arts and mathematics advisory committees, along with two co-chairs per group who are content experts. Committee members are reviewing comments received during the standards revision survey pertaining to standards in their subject areas. These committees will determine which standards they will refer to working groups of educators, who will propose the actual revisions. 

Working Groups

Working group members, who are meeting in May and June, will suggest actual revisions to the standards under the direction of an advisory committee. Group participants have extensive knowledge and experience with the standards. They also represent all grade levels from various types of schools statewide.


English language arts and mathematics

After the working groups complete their revisions in May and June, the advisory committees will meet in early July to review this work to ensure it meets their stated purposes. A four-week public comment period for the draft revised standards will begin in July, with the approval process beginning in fall. For more details about this schedule and the process, see the May 11 Progress Report. 

Our goal is to prepare materials in 2017 that will support educators as they begin transitioning to the revised standards in the 2017-2018 school year.

Science, social studies and financial literacy

The revision process for Ohio’s Learning Standards in science, social studies and financial literacy will begin in fall 2016. At that time, we will announce the tentative schedule for review and approval of these revised standards.


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