Department recognizes 165 Purple Star schools during the Month of the Military Child


The Ohio Department of Education is proud to announce 165 Ohio schools received Purple Star designations as members of the Purple Star Class of 2023. Purple Star schools show a significant commitment to serving students and families connected to the nation’s armed forces. Eighty-eight Ohio schools received the esteemed award for the first time, and 77 schools earned a renewal after three years as Purple Star schools.

Ohio is now home to 511 active Purple Star schools that dedicate time and support to students in military families. All awardees meet the unique wellness and academic needs of Ohio’s military-connected youth. To qualify for the award, schools choose a school-based staff person to serve as a liaison between military families and the school. These liaisons complete professional development, identify military-connected students and facilitate supports throughout the school community for identified students and families. Purple Star schools also participate in at least one activity to support the military community each year. The Purple Star Class of 2023 includes schools that host monthly military kids club meetings, professional learning for all educators on the unique considerations of serving military-connected students and schoolwide celebrations honoring military students and families.

A Purple Star school receives the designation for three years, after which the school can apply for renewal of the designation. Applications for the next class of Purple Star schools will open Nov. 1 and be due Dec.15.

The complete list of statewide awardees and active Purple Star schools is available on the Ohio Department of Education’s Purple Star school webpage. Purple Star awardees receive a special Purple Star recognition to display in their buildings.

The announcement of the Purple Star Class of 2023 is part of Ohio’s participation in the national celebration of the Month of the Military Child. April was first designated as the Month of the Military Child by the United States Department of Defense in 1986 to increase public knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding children who have parents in the military. For more resources to help schools and communities recognize the Month of the Military Child, visit the Military Child Education Coalition website.

For questions related to the Department’s Purple Star Award and initiatives supporting military families, visit the Purple Star Designation webpage or email PurpleStar@education.ohio.gov.