Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day!


Research has found that providing children from birth to five with consistent, language-rich experiences—such as talking, reading, and singing—can have important benefits on their brain development and future school success.

However, many families lack access to the types of resources that can help them make the most of these language building experiences. This creates a gap in the quantity and quality of words that children learn, which directly impacts their opportunities to succeed in school and later on in life.

The U.S. Departments Education and Health and Human Services, in partnership with Too Small to Fail, have created the "Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day" tip sheets. Made specifically for families, caregivers and early educators, these resources can help enrich a child's early language experiences by providing research-based tips for talking, reading, and singing with young children every day beginning from birth. 

Talk, Read & Sing Together Every Day Tip Sheets: 

  • It's Never Too Early to Help Your Child Learn Talk, Read, and Sing Together Every Day!
  • Tips for Families with Young Children 
  • The Benefits of Being Bilingual—A Review for Teachers and Other Early Education Program Providers
  •  Tips for Using Language at Home and in the Community 
  • Tips for Infant & Toddler Teachers and Caregivers 
  • Tips for Preschool Teachers & Other Early Childhood Education Program Providers

Last Modified: 3/29/2019 6:04:50 PM