OAASFEP Sessions

Spring 2021 Virtual OAASFEP Conference

The trainings below were conducted by Office of Federal Programs staff. They were featured at the virtual Spring 2021 OAASFEP Conference on April 22-23, 2021. 

100 Series

#101: Learn about the ED STEPs Project
#102: CCIP Planning 101 - Planning Tool Navigation

200 Series

#201: Completing the One Needs Assessment

300 Sessions

#302: Nonpublic Equitable Services and NPDS Enhancements
#303: Partnering with Parents and Families for Positive Programs

400 Sessions

#401: Completing the One Plan: Cohorts 2 and 3
#402: COVID Relief for School Districts and Nonpublic Schools:  ESSER I, ESSER II and GEER

500 Sessions

#501: Sand Traps - Common Misunderstandings and Errors
#503: National Agenda on Rural Education - What Opportunities Exist for Rural Education in Today's Political Climate


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