The Ohio Medicaid School Program

The Medicaid School Program (MSP), a collaboration between the Departments of Education and Workforce and Medicaid, reimburses districts for school-based therapy services provided to students who receive Medicaid. MSP covers some of the district's costs for school-based therapy. 

Medicaid reimburses services that are part of a student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Families can sign a consent form to allow for Medicaid billing, which is different than the consent form required to test and give services to students. School-based services should not lower the level of medically necessary services that a student receives outside of school. These services are not "more" services that students can receive, as schools are already required to cover all necessary IEP services under education laws. 

School and District Resources

Fiscal Documents

District finance staff and MSP billing agents can find documents below to process Medicaid reimbursement.

Policy Documents

Administrators and therapists can refer to the documents below for guidance in using Medicaid rules and requirements. 

Rules and Requirements

Services are covered under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Administrators, therapists, and billing agents can use the resources below to adhere to Ohio rules and law for the MSP. 

Participants List

Several agencies help school districts effectively administer MSP and keep the program compliant. Participants in the program include schools, auditors, and vendors.

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