Cyber Club Toolkit

Welcome to the Ohio Cyber Club Toolkit

Ohio Cyber Clubs logoThe Ohio Cyber Club Toolkit (OC2) project is an activity of the Education and Workforce subcommittee of the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3), which is a partnership between the Chancellor's office and the Adjutant General's Office. The toolkit provides direction and resources for cyber club advisors on starting and running cyber clubs in their school or organization. These resources are housed on the OpenSpace platform hosted by INFOhio. Please use the links below to access the Ohio Cyber Club resources.

How to Use the Toolkit

The toolkit has several sections that will help your school or organization create and run cyber clubs, including content that can be used during club meetings or during the traditional school day.

  • How to Start a Cyber Club – This section includes resources that will help a school or organization create and run a cyber club. One specific resource, Starting a Cyber Club, contains several documents that will walk club advisors through the process of working with schools or organizations to create a club, understanding club advisor and mentor roles, marketing clubs and more.

  • Cyber Club Education Resources – The Cyber Club Toolkit is a living resource that is created through the input of OC3, industry professionals, teachers and club members. Resources will be updated and continually added to the site.

  • Competitions – The competitions section of the toolkit provides contact information for cyber security related competitions and contests including CyberPatriot and other future opportunities.

Toolkit Content

The content found in the Cyber Club Toolkit include links to existing materials and content created by Ohio industry partners, educators and Cyber Club Toolkit committee members. This open source portal allows both types of resources to be uploaded to the Cyber Club Toolkit by Cyber Club advisors, industry professionals and other educators.

If you are interested in helping create and link to resources in Ohio, please contact John Wiseman at (614) 728-7589 or email at

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