EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarships: Testing Data

Results for EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship Students on Required State Tests

Students participating in the EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship Programs must take all state tests required for their grade levels per state law. The tests administered to each grade level are as follows:

Grade Level English language arts Mathematics Social Studies Science
3 x x    
4 x x x  
5 x x   x
6 x x x  
7 x x    
8 x x   x

High school testing requirements are posted here.


Private School and Public District Test Comparison Summaries

State law also requires the Ohio Department of Education to publically report EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarship students' performances on all required state standardized testing. The department's reporting includes public school (EdChoice Scholarship) and district (Cleveland Scholarship) test data. This allows the public to compare the performance of scholarship students in the private schools with the performance of students at the public schools where the scholarship students would have attended without the scholarship.

Please note that the summaries for EdChoice Scholarship students only reflect  the general performance of the public schools that they would have attended without the scholarship. A single private school may enroll scholarship students from several public schools. The public school comparison data for that private school combines data from all those public schools. Public school comparisons rarely are based on a single traditional public school.

The Ohio Department of Education does not have data for the 2013-2014 school year to know which public schools the students would have attended had they not received the scholarships. The department only can link scholarship students to the last public schools they attended before receiving a scholarship. Therefore, the department cannot compare the results of the private school that a student attended in 2013-2014 with the results of the school that the student would have attended without the scholarship during 2013-2014. This creates some gaps in the availability of comparison data. If the private school serves Grades 5 through 8, the public school comparison will only use data for Grades 5 through 8 from the public schools students would have attended. If the public schools the students attended at the time they enrolled in EdChoice only serve Grades K through 4, no data are available to include in the public school comparison. In contrast, since the Cleveland Scholarship is available to students districtwide, the department uses district-level rather than school-level for comparison data to private schools located in the Cleveland Municipal School District. The department is providing a chart in the comparison report to clearly show the sources of the public school test data used in the comparison.

Timing of Tests and Submission of Data

There are a number of important differences between the data for public and private schools in the comparisons. Public districts submit their test data to the Ohio Department of Education through the Education Management Information System (EMIS). Public districts have an opportunity to review test data. They can correct their data before their test results are final and published in the Ohio School Report Card system. The test vendor provides the data for scholarship students directly to the Ohio Department of Education. Private schools do not have an opportunity to review and request corrections to their test results before they are final and published. Test data reported for public districts and schools represent the better of each student’s fall and spring scores. In contrast, the data for private schools are the spring scores, even in cases where the fall score is higher than the spring score. The department filters the test data used to calculate public district and school scores to meet the requirements of the report card. Students are filtered out of the public district and school data if they were not enrolled in the district or school for the full academic year. Data are not available in order to apply the same filters to the data for scholarship students.

More detailed information about the data and analysis is available in links provided below.

Test Comparison Summaries

The following notes for data provide important information to understand the many different test comparison summaries that the Ohio Department of Education provides. Please read these notes carefully.

Historical Private School and Public District Test Comparison Summaries

Click on the links below to view historical test data and public school and district comparisons for Scholarship students by grade level and school district.

Test Comparison Summaries

EdChoice Scholarship Cleveland Scholarship
School Year 2012-2013 School Year 2012-2013
School Year 2011-2012 School Year 2011-2012
School Year 2010-2011 School Year 2010-2011
School Year 2009-2010 School Year 2009-2010


Click here to see test results for students enrolled in public schools and districts.


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