IDEA Monitoring Process

The Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children, is required to ensure compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA). Further, Section 3323.02 O.R.C. requires the special education program of each school district to be operated in accordance with the procedures, standards and guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education in order to receive state or federal funds for the district’s special education program.

The Office for Exceptional Children, along with the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness, developed a Comprehensive Monitoring System for Continuous Improvement and Implementation of IDEA. The intent of the IDEA Monitoring Process is to maximize the use of resources that will result in better academic, social and post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities and to meet regulatory requirements.

The outcome of the IDEA Monitoring Process should provide valuable information for school districts' planning process to improve results for children with disabilities, including implementation of special education processes and services/supports for students with disabilities. 

2021 IDEA Monitoring Reviews

List of Districts selected for an IDEA Monitoring Review for 2021:

IRN District County
046532 ESC of Northeast Ohio Cuyahoga
149047 Goal Digital Academy Richland
123281 Ohio Valley ESC Guernsey
045179 Zanesville City Muskingum

2021 IDEA Monitoring Process Guide
Corrective Action Plan/Strategic Improvement Plan

As part of the IDEA Monitoring process, OEC holds a public meeting in the district to describe the review process. In addition, there will be an opportunity for parents, guardians and other members of the public to share any comments with OEC regarding the district’s special education program.  The following are upcoming public meetings:

March 2, 2021:  Ohio Valley ESC  
March 16, 2021:  Goal Digital Academy 
September 27, 2021:  Zanesville City

Below are OEC's summary reports of the monitoring reviews conducted in 2021:
Goal Digital Academy
Ohio Valley Educational Service Center

2019-2020 IDEA Monitoring Reviews 

Click here  for the list of districts selected for an IDEA Monitoring Review.

Below are OEC's  summary reports of the onsite reviews conducted:
Achieve Career Prep Academy
Alternative Education Academy (OHDELA)
Ashtabula Area City
Barberton City
Bridge Gate Community School
Buckeye Central Local
Cleveland Hts.-University Hts. City
Crestline Exempted Village
Dayton City
Mason Run High School 
North College Hill City
Paint Valley Local
Richmond Hts. Local
Trimble Local
Warren City
Wildwood Environmental Academy 

Below are guidelines and forms districts will use in the IDEA Monitoring Review process:
2019-2020 IDEA Monitoring Process Guide
Record Review Tool
Self-Review Summary Report
Corrective Action Plan/Strategic Improvement Plan

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