Anti-Bullying: Strategies and Resources for Educators

Educators help create the kind of positive environments that allow students to feel safe and supported, and encourage them to learn. To support their efforts, the Department presents resources below for preventing and responding to bullying, thus avoiding its negative and often long-term consequences for students. We also encourage all educators to understand their related district policies and procedures.

What does state law require?

All Ohio public school districts must have policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation and bullying. School staff members should know about their district’s policy and how it defines their role in addressing prohibited behaviors. Find more about district policy requirements and resources here

What is an educator's role?

Teachers and other school staff who witness acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying shall promptly notify the building principal and/or the principal’s designee of the event observed, and shall promptly file a written incident report concerning the events witnessed.

Strategies for school personnel

  • Modeling behavior that is inclusive and promotes respect for all students;
  • Providing students with opportunities to talk about bullying and enlist their support in defining bullying as an unacceptable behavior;
  • Helping students know what to do if they observe or are confronted by a bully;
  • Posting and publicizing rules against bullying, including fair and consistent consequences;
  • Establishing and explaining written student behavior codes to students, parents and the community and having students and parents sign behavior contracts consistent with these codes;
  • Constantly monitoring cafeterias, playgrounds and other “hot spots” where bullying is likely to occur and where direct adult supervision may not be present;
  • Taking immediate action when bullying is observed so that both the target and the bully know that mistreating someone is not tolerated;
  • Creating cooperative learning activities that encourage interaction among students from different groups and ensure equal treatment of all participants;
  • Implementing a buddy system that pairs students with friends, student mentors and other supportive students, particularly if they are new to school; and
  • Forming friendship groups that support children who are regularly bullied by peers.



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