Supports for Preschool Students in Foster Care

 Access to Preschool Programs 

Preschool programs support early learning for students prior to kindergarten entry. If a district offers preschool, the district must meet the Title I requirements for children in foster care who were enrolled in a public preschool program at the time of placement in a foster home. Public preschool includes Head Start and Early Head Start, Help Me Grow, programs funded through the Early Childhood Education Grant, and any other preschool program administered by a public school district. Children may attend preschool at a specific location or participate in a home-based program.  

For more information about preschool program requirements in Ohio access Ohio Administrative Code. Visit Funding Services for Students in Foster Care for information on funding supports for Ohio’s early learners in foster care.  

Transportation to Preschool and School Age Programs 

A district who receives Title I funding will develop and implement clear, written procedures to ensure that young children in foster care receive transportation to and from their public preschools of origin in a cost-effective manner. Preschool students should not miss school due to not having transportation to and from their schools of origin. This only applies to students enrolled in public preschools at the time of their placement in foster care or when there is a change in the foster child’s living arrangement.  

If a district cannot provide transportation to students in foster care who attend public preschool due to bussing limitations and laws, the custodial agency and district should collaboratively arrange alternative transportation for the child. Visit the Transportation Supports for Students Living in Foster Care for more information. Access Making A Transportation Plan: Implementing ESSA Transportation Requirements to Ensure School Stability for a template of the plan. Visit A Guide to Transportation for Preschool Students with Disabilities for rules and laws on the topic of transportation of students with disabilities.  

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