Educator Equity

Ohio is committed to addressing educator equity and ensuring that every student receives instruction from a qualified teacher. Federal regulations and state statute both speak to this stated goal and have implemented a variety of policies aimed at meeting the needs of students in our most disadvantaged academic environments. No matter the location of the student nor their age, all are entitled to a quality educator provided by a trained instructor. 

Ohio implements two complementary program at the state and local level to address these needs.

The State Equity Plan identified four root-cause categories that may lead to inequitable access to excellent educators. They include:

A Local Equity Plan require districts to:

  1. Use data to identify and document the district’s gaps in equitable access to excellent educators.
  2. Conduct a root-cause analysis to identify why there are gaps in equitable access to excellent educators in your district.
  3. Identify and describe the strategy or strategies the district will use to impact the root-cause(s) and lessen/eliminate the district’s gaps in equitable access. 

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