STARS - System To Achieve Results for Students

STARS is a Web-based application that provides for planning and management of professional development and technical assistance programs for Ohio educators. It is accessed via the Training and Registration application within your OH|ID Account.

Users must have a OH|ID Account and complete a STARS User Profile.

  • To sign up for a OH|ID account, go to the "Login" link at the top of any Web page. 
  • Then click "Create a New Account"
  • Follow these steps-by-step instruction on how to create a new OH|ID account and Department of Education Profile
  • If you need assistance with an OH|ID account, please e-mail:


You CANNOT create a STARS profile or conduct an event search by selecting the training videos (below).  These are to help you use STARS once you have a OH|ID account and access Training and Registration from the list of applications that one sees after signing into their OH|ID account. Please note that your screen may look different than the screen seen on these videos after implementation of the OH|ID platform.

For help creating your STARS profile (.wmv format for Windows):  STARS Profile

For help finding STARS events:  

If you need help registering for events, contact

Registration Coordinator Training:  Video (4:05)

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