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2023-2024 List of Approved Assessments

The Department announces posting of the 2023-2024 List of Approved Assessments. This list provides state-approved assessments, including dyslexia screeners, that can be administered by districts and schools to meet state and federal testing requirements throughout the 2023-2024 school year. The list and detailed information are available at List of Approved Assessments.
The List of Approved Assessments is a downloadable spreadsheet providing general information about assessments and the uses for which they have been approved by the Department. The list should be used in conjunction with the Vendor Information Form provided for each assessment.
A link to How to Use this List is provided in the upper left corner of the document. Decision makers may find functions such as sorting, filtering, and hiding unneeded columns helpful for navigating the spreadsheet and finding assessments for specific uses.
The name of each assessment is a clickable link to a Vendor Information Form that provides detailed information such as the following:
  • Vendor contact information;
  • Information about specific content and grade level limitations;
  • Links to cost information and the vendor’s website; and
  • A detailed overview of the assessment.
Questions about the List of Approved Assessments may be directed to statetests@education.ohio.gov.

Save the Date! Ohio Assessment Conference, Sept. 13-14

The Office of Assessment will host its 2023 Ohio Assessment Conference Sept. 13-14. The online conference is intended primarily for test coordinators and district administrators, though anyone may participate. The conference is planned for two half-days, Sept. 13 and 14, with preconference sessions for new test coordinators on Sept. 12. Sessions are tentatively planned 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. each day. Registration details and the conference program will be available in August.

Applications for Translator Reimbursement for OST and AASCD

Districts and schools should submit their application for OST and AASCD translator reimbursement during the 2022-2023 school year by June 30.  Information about translator reimbursement is in the Forms section of the Documents and Forms page of the Department website. Please submit only one form for translator reimbursement per district. If there are any questions or challenges after reviewing the linked documents, contact Noël Nethers

WorkKeys Reimbursement Applications

Please have all Fiscal Year 2023 (2022-2023 school year) WorkKeys reimbursement applications uploaded in the portal by June 30. Any district that uploaded an application for reimbursement should check to make sure that all of its student records have been approved by logging into the reimbursement portal. If there are any records that are not listed as approved or reimbursement paid, please contact Katie Hahn for assistance. Any nonpublic schools that gave WorkKeys tests to its students should also contact Katie for assistance with their applications. Information about WorkKeys Reimbursement is located on the Reimbursement for WorkKeys Tests page on the Department’s website. 

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

The next maintenance period will occur on Saturday, May 13, beginning at 9 a.m. and can last up to 24 hours. Please see the announcement on the test portal for details.

General maintenance will occur during the month of July. There will be no tests available after the end-of-course test window closes July 7.

Requesting an Emergency Medical Waiver

Ohio’s annual state tests are required by federal and state law. However, there may be rare circumstances in which students cannot take one or more assessments because of medical emergencies. The emergency medical waiver application should be used in situations that arise during the testing windows such as unexpected or worsening illness or physical injury immediately before or during the testing window. In these cases, districts and community schools must apply for an emergency medical waiver. Applications must be entered in the online system between May 15 and May 31, 2023. Administrators will have access within their OH|ID accounts to a NEW “Data Collection Forms” link and should follow the prompts provided. Applications for the 2023 emergency medical waivers must be submitted by May 31.  

More information and directions on the Department’s process for emergency medical waivers is available on the Report Card Resources webpage.  Please direct all questions about emergency medical waivers to Jackie Seward at (614) 387-7570 or email Jackie.Seward@education.ohio.gov.