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The Office of Career-Technical Education collaborates with multiple education stakeholders to develop a system of supports for Ohio schools and students. Office staff are available to provide technical assistance, information and resources to help successfully implement career-technical education programs. 

Office of Career-Technical Education

The Office of Career-Technical Education supports 43 career-technical programs of study across 16 career fields. These pathways serve secondary students, traditional-age college students and returning adults including adults seeking a high school diploma or equivalent.


The Office of Career-Technical Education provides resources to equip Ohio’s schools, students, parents and communities with the knowledge and tools that will help them skillfully navigate career-technical education.

  • Mission and Vision of the Office of Career-Technical Education - Ohio's bold vision for change starts with building greater awareness among students that careers are a big part of what life is all about and, consequently, a key goal of education.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About CTE - The FAQ provides general information for schools, students, parents and industry partners about career-technical education. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Admissions Criteria - The FAQ provides general information for schools and parents regarding admissions criteria for career-technical education programs.
  • Outcomes and Insights Fact Sheets - Ohio Career-Technical Education fact sheets provide information on delivery structure, enrollment by career field/courses and other data to assist with understanding the state's career-technical education system, programs and services. 
  • Overview of Career-Technical Education Delivery in Ohio - Career-technical education is provided through one of three delivery models depending on community and student need.
  • Start A Career-Tech Program - Career-technical education provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. 
  • Career-Technical Online Resources and Career Exploration and Planning - This educator resource list is not comprehensive, and the Ohio Department of Education does not endorse these products. The list is available to support engaging students in online learning.
  • #CareerTechOhio Campaign - #CareerTechOhio offers educators, students, industry professionals, parents and everyone in between the opportunity to highlight the difference career-technical education programs make for Ohio’s future — all under one, unified hashtag. #CareerTechOhio brings Ohioans into the experience of these programs, allowing those in the classroom, in the field or in the workplace to capture inspiring moments and broadcast them across Ohio.
  • Recruiting Special Populations into Career-Technical Education Toolkit - To achieve a more diverse career-technical landscape, students representing special population groups must have access to additional supports that could increase the enrollment and success in CTE programs. This toolkit supports the education community in implementing strategies that recruit and support special populations into programs that lead to high-wage, in-demand jobs. 
  • Career-Technical Education Awareness Surveys - The office has contracted with Singleton & Partners, an experienced marketing firm in Cleveland, to develop a marketing campaign to promote CTE. To ensure this campaign is successful and the materials developed are useful to schools, we need as much feedback as possible from both CTE and non-CTE students, teachers, guidance counselors, school administration and families. Surveys for both CTE and non-CTE parents/guardians, students and school staff encompassing grades 6-12 have been developed for distribution.

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