Career Technical Planning District (CTPD) Report Card Technical Document

Ohio School Report Cards give communities a clear picture of the progress of their schools in raising achievement and preparing students for the future.  Career Technical Planning Districts are key partners in meeting Ohio’s vision for each student. The Career-Technical Planning District Report Cards support that work by examining key metrics of success such as career readiness – with a focus on equitable outcomes for all students.

Ohio Law requires the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce to create a career-technical planning district (CTPD) report card. With the unique mission of career-technical planning districts and the use of the shared-services model, the report card for CTPDs uses different accountability rules than those used for the traditional school and district report cards. The measures on the CTPD report card use one of two types of student populations: “concentrators” or “concentrators who left secondary education” as the cohort being evaluated. The definitions and calculation details are shared below to help better understand the Career-Technical Planning District (CTPD) report card.

The State Board of Education approved a transition from letter grades to star ratings starting with the release of the 2022-2023 CTPD report cards.

The CPTD Report Card includes four components and an overall rating. The four components include Achievement, Graduation, Career & Post-Secondary Readiness, and Post-Program Outcomes. 

Technical Documentation

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