Gap Closing Component


The Gap Closing component shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for students in English language arts, math, and graduation. It also measures how schools are doing in supporting English learners to increase language proficiency, reducing chronic absenteeism for all students, and identifying gifted students and providing gifted services. 

The annual performance goals are established in six areas, and the performance of specific student subgroups are measured against the annual or long-term goals for each area. Goals are established for English language arts academic achievement and growth, math academic achievement and growth, graduation, English learner language proficiency, chronic absenteeism, and gifted performance. The state expectation for all areas and all student subgroups is to continue closing educational gaps year over year. 

The Gap Closing Component uses a series of points based on enrollment of the federal student subgroups and the indicators listed above. A maximum of 75 points is possible for schools and districts. 

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