District Net Indebtedness Limitations

This page provides information, guidance and the forms necessary for school districts to comply with the statutory requirements of Ohio law on the net indebtedness of a school district.

The tax commissioner and superintendent of public instruction must consent to placing a school district bond issue on an election ballot when the district's net indebtedness, including the proposed bond issue, would be greater than 4% of the district's tax valuation. If the net indebtedness exceeds 9%, a special needs designation also is required.

Ohio law specifies when a district may exceed net indebtedness limitations to raise funds necessary to participate in a project under Chapter 3318 of the Revised Code and districts are required to notify the superintendent of public instruction when this will occur.

For questions regarding any of the information provided below, please email bond.finance@education.Ohio.gov.

Election Dates and Ballot Consent Deadlines

Governing Authority and Policies

Required Documents for Consent and Special Needs Determination

Required Notification *NEW*

The Department recommends emailing the Department of Taxation at DTE@tax.state.oh.us to verify the accuracy of all calculations of Net Indebtedness and historical Tax Valuations prior to submission deadlines.

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