Spending Guidelines

The entire amount of funding must be encumbered on or before June 30, 2024. All funds must be liquidated on or before September 30, 2024.

Ohio K-12 Network connectivity funds are to be spent as follows, with priority given in the order listed:

  • Offset the cost of eligible Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to each of your buildings
  • Management or Internet Service Provider (ISP) fees charged by your Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • Maintenance for Local Area Network (LAN) or WAN hardware necessary to implement the Ohio K-12 Network model
  • Upgrade WAN capacity
  • Purchase videoconferencing equipment that complies with the Ohio K-12 Network technical requirements
  • Upgrade or purchase LAN equipment including routers, switches, Internet caching and multimedia streaming products
  • Other LAN related equipment
  • Professional development services
  • Purchase computer workstations, laptop computers, tablet devices, peripherals (e.g. keyboards, earphones, headsets, mice, assistive devices) and operating system software that meet or exceed AIR recommended device specifications.
  • Please account for this funding using USAS Fund 451, Receipt Code 3219 .

Last Modified: 9/28/2023 7:16:54 AM