Transportation Enforcement Process

Ohio law requires the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce to monitor each city, local and exempted village school district’s compliance with the pupil transportation requirements outlined in Ohio Revised Code 3327.

Parent/Guardian or School Concern Process

The Department will process documents that are submitted to formally report concerns regarding pupil transportation services by a yellow school bus. Formal reporting of concerns will be addressed in the following manner:
  1. Parents, guardians, community schools or nonpublic schools may submit concerns by completing a Transportation Concern Form and submitting supporting documentation by email to
  2. Upon receiving the Transportation Concern Form submission, the Department will review for completeness and, if applicable, assign for processing. If the form is incomplete, the sender will be notified that the document is insufficient and attempt to assist with what should be resubmitted.
  3. The system will automatically notify the complainant of the submission. Once the complaint and all supporting documentation have been submitted, the office’s administrative professional will contact via email all other individuals and schools involved within the next business day to alert them an investigation will begin with outreach to involved parties.  
  4. Once the investigation is completed, finalized documents will be sent via email to all involved parties.
  5. If there is an out of compliance finding, a copy of the findings letter will be sent to the Office of Budget and School Funding. 

Any person who represents the interest of a community school, chartered nonpublic school or students who are eligible for yellow school bus transportation services under Chapter 3327 of the Ohio Revised Code is eligible to submit a Transportation Concern Form.

Last Modified: 1/4/2024 1:24:55 PM