State-Funded High-Dosage Tutoring Programs

Important Application Updates for the State-funded High-Dosage Tutoring Program
The Department is notifying districts and schools on a rolling basis. Notifications started the week of Sept. 5 and will continue until all seats are allocated and accepted. Once all seats are allocated and accepted, the Department will send a waitlist notice. Please check back for updates or contact

Future Forward Ohio encompasses Ohio’s strategic priorities for using federal funds to help students recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The General Assembly recently directed $26.1 million in GEER funds to support the implementation of high-dosage tutoring programs in Ohio districts and schools.

The tutoring programs will be offered by providers on the High-Quality Tutoring Provider (HQTP) Vendor Directory and funded through the Department. Tutoring programs will be offered at no direct cost to participating districts or schools. However, all participating districts and schools must commit to participation criteria that align to best practices for high-quality tutoring.

Participation Requirements

  1. Utilize a provider on the HQTP Vendor Directory. Find more information about each vendor. These six tutoring vendors were identified through a formal application process. Each vendor has an established tutoring program and requirements for participation.

  2. Assign a staff member to serve as a liaison between the selected vendor and district or school and oversee program implementation, including working with teachers or administrators to identify participants, rostering and scheduling students according to vendor protocols and ensuring student participation during scheduled tutoring times.

  3. Offer tutoring during the school day if possible; however, tutoring immediately before or after school is permitted.

Note: Research suggests that tutoring during the school day supports increased attendance and program participation and reduces barriers to access for students.

  1. Align to guidelines for recommended dosage by selected vendor (for example, at least 3 days per week for a minimum of 30 minutes per session for each participating student).

Note: Research supports that on average, students receiving 15-30 weeks of tutoring over the course of the academic year can accelerate learning by 3-15 months.

  1. Use student data to identify eligible students for tutoring and participate in general research and evaluation activities. Districts should also consider a cohort model for student participation.

Process and Timeline

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