Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

The program application period for the 2023-2024 academic year is now open


To provide quality instruction in Spanish from native speakers of the language and to promote rich cross-cultural exchange, Ohio has a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education of Spain that facilitates the placement of visiting educators from Spain in Ohio schools for a period of up to 5 years. During the period from January to early April, schools or districts apply to participate in the program for the following school year. ODE uses the information provided by district applicants to recruit teachers in Spain in late April from a pool of highly qualified candidates that have been previously screened by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Candidates must qualify for Ohio’s Visiting International Teacher License in the area(s) for which they are being hired to teach. The Department sponsors the required J-1 visa under authority of the U.S. Department of State’s Bridge USA Program. To understand the various program requirements, interested school and district administrators should access copies of the program agreement and application materials below.

Schools and districts that are newly interested in the program and wish to learn more about the requirements and costs associated with participation should view the following information video:

New Applicants for Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

To apply for the first time for a Visiting Teacher:

  • School districts or community schools must determine that they have a guaranteed Spanish language or language immersion teaching position for the coming school year and secure permission from their local board of education or sponsor to hire a visiting teacher.
  • The application and program agreement documents must be completed, signed and sent to Ryan Wertz by the April 6, 2023 deadline.
  • An ODE world language consultant will select highly qualified candidates that match the detailed job descriptions submitted by schools and districts in their applications.
  • School districts and community schools review and confirm the selected candidate(s).
  • School districts and community schools offer a contract to the visiting teacher that contain the same salary and benefits that any other teacher would receive, based on his or her educational attainment and years of experience.
  • New visiting teachers arrive in Ohio at the end of July for an intensive pre-service orientation provided by ODE and the Ohio Foreign Language Association. Host institutions are required to pay for this required training.
  • Host district and community school administrators are required to attend the last day of the orientation in Columbus to meet their new visiting teachers and transport them back to their new homes.
  • Host districts and community schools are required to provide a host family for their new visiting teachers' first three weeks to help the teachers find housing, open bank accounts and take care of basic settling-in needs.

Renewal Applicants for Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

To renew a current Visiting Teacher:

Program Contact:

Ryan Wertz
Lead Consultant for World Languages 



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