Ohio ACE | Parent and Guardian Income Verification

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The ACE Educational Savings Account Program: Applicant User Manual walks parents and guardians through the process of applying for ACE funds.

Step 1: Submit Income Verification

Parents and guardians must submit income verification to determine eligibility. To submit income verification, the parent or guardian must have an OH|ID account.

Step 2: Sign up with Merit

After Income Verification is complete (this entire process may take up to two weeks), qualifying parents and guardians will receive an email from Merit notifying them to sign up to receive access to their account funds. This will also provide a link to the Education Marketplace.

Step 3: Spend ACE Funds with Qualified Education Service Providers

Parents and guardians will be able to access the Education Marketplace to find providers in their areas after income verification has been established and sign-up with Merit on ACEOhio.org is complete.


For questions, please contact ace_savingsaccount@education.ohio.gov.

Last Modified: 3/21/2023 3:15:20 PM