School Improvement Grants


The School Improvement Grants Team's recording of the FY24 Kickoff Webinar is available. 

FY24 School Improvement Grants Open Office Hours recording is also available. This session includes EOEC grant success stories from Cincinnati Public Schools.

The Office of School and District Improvement administers the Title I Non-Competitive Supplemental School Improvement Grant and School Quality Improvement Grant.

Federal Title I, Part A funds are awarded to local educational agencies, which are traditional school districts and community schools in Ohio. Under Section 1003 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), state education agencies are required to set aside 7 percent of the Title I award to support schools identified for improvement, known as Priority, Focus or Warning schools in Ohio.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), the Department will begin referring to federally identified buildings differently than it has in the past. In Ohio, these buildings have been referred to as Priority, Warning and Focus schools. Over the next year or so, the Department will begin transitioning to new identification label names that better align to the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Priority will transition to Comprehensive Support or Improvement (or CSI), Focus will transition to Targeted Support and Improvement (or TSI) and Warning will transition to Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (or ATSI).
However, during this transition period, the building identification names will be reported as the following:

  • Priority (CSI)
  • Focus (TSI)
  • Warning (ATSI)


Title I Non-Competitive, Supplemental School Improvement Grant

Ohio allocates Title I, Part A School Improvement funds to local education agencies (LEAs) with at least one identified school (Priority (CSI), Warning (ATSI) or Focus Schools (TSI) on an annual basis through a non-competitive formula.

These Title I Non-Competitive, Supplemental School Improvement Grant funds should support evidence-based school improvement strategies that are data driven and aligned with the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and the school’s improvement plan. The funds should also build the capacity of building staff and the community to address identified needs.

FY24 Title I Non-Competitive  Supplemental School Improvement Grant Funding Guidance (January 2024)

FY24 TI NC SSI Budget Grid Template (June 2023)

FY24 Title I Non-Competitive Supplemental School Improvement Building Allocation Report (January 2024)​

FY23 Title I Non-Competitive Supplemental School Improvement Supplemental Guidance on District-Level Initiatives (July 2022)


School Quality Improvement Grant

Ohio allocates Title I School Improvement funds to identified schools through a competitive program known as the School Quality Improvement Grant (SQIG).

The School Quality Improvement Grant provides funds to identified schools to implement sustainable, strategic improvement strategies. Activities funded by these grants should be part of a broader continuous improvement plan. 


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