Increase understanding of dyslexia during Dyslexia Awareness Month


Dyslexia is characterized by unexpected difficulties with accurate or fluent word recognition and poor spelling and decoding abilities not consistent with the person's intelligence, motivation and sensory capabilities. Early identification of these characteristics is important to prevent long-term reading difficulties.

Ohio’s dyslexia support laws serve to strengthen supports for Ohio’s children by requiring universal screening, teacher professional development to increase understanding of the characteristics of dyslexia and the development of Ohio’s Dyslexia Guidebook. Ohio’s Dyslexia Guidebook contains best practices and methods for screening, intervention and remediation for children with dyslexia or children displaying dyslexic characteristics and should be used by schools and districts for successful implementation of Ohio's dyslexia support laws.

For questions about the dyslexia support laws, please contact dyslexia@education.ohio.gov. Contact ReadOhio@education.ohio.gov about the science of reading.