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The Department invites the education community to provide suggestions for improving Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts – Kindergarten. See Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts webpage for more information. 

On January 9, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine signed a set of laws strengthening dyslexia supports for Ohio’s children. The new dyslexia support laws establish dyslexia screening measures (ORC 3323.251), professional development for identifying dyslexia and instructing students with dyslexia (ORC 3319.077)a multi-sensory structured literacy certification process for teachers (ORC 3319.078) and the Ohio Dyslexia Committee (ORC 3323.25). The following is a summary of the new set of laws:

  • Requires the Ohio Department of Education to establish the Ohio Dyslexia Committee consisting of 11 members;
  • Requires the Ohio Dyslexia Committee to develop a dyslexia guidebook for screening, intervention and remediation for children with dyslexia or displaying dyslexic characteristics and tendencies;
  • Requires the Ohio Dyslexia Committee to prescribe the number of clock hours of dyslexia-related professional development required for teachers;
  • Permits the Ohio Dyslexia Committee to make recommendations regarding ratios of students to teachers who have received certification in identifying and addressing dyslexia, the school personnel who should receive the certification and whether professional development requirements should include completing a practicum;
  • Requires the Department, in collaboration with the Ohio Dyslexia Committee, to identify screening and intervention measures that evaluate the literacy skills of students using a multi-sensory structured literacy program;
  • Requires school districts and other public schools to administer annual dyslexia screenings beginning in the 2022-2023 school year;
  • Phases in over three years dyslexia-related professional development requirements for public school teachers;
  • Requires school districts and other public schools, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, to establish a multi-sensory structured literacy certification process for teachers.

Ohio Dyslexia Committee Information

For more information about the Ohio Dyslexia Committee and committee actions, please see the Ohio Dyslexia Committee's webpage.

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